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Way Motor Works :: Handling :: Suspension :: Braces/Bushings :: Powerflex Front Control Arm Polyurethane Bushing kit R50 R52 R53

Powerflex Front Control Arm Polyurethane Bushing kit R50 R52 R53

Powerflex Front Control Arm Polyurethane Bushing kit R50 R52 R53 
Powerflex Front Lower Control Arm Bushing kit. These bushings replace the stock rubber control arm bushings that commonly wear out. The Powerflex bushings are the perfect upgrade to your MINI. To improve handling, you will want to replace the factory rubber suspension bushings with the Powerflex urethane bushing replacements. The special durometer urethane will reduce the suspension flex, giving your MINI a more positive feel in the corners. Hard cornering will distort the factory rubber bushings, which changes your suspension geometry and alignment. Add a set of Powerflex bushing and feel the difference.  While installing these we suggest replacing the front swaybar bushings, they are cheap and easy to replace since you have them unbolted.  Cheap insurance from noises.
Kit includes 2 bushings enough for one car.
We do offer these Pre pressed into Brackets for only $100, CALL to check on cores.
If ordering Pre pressed option, You will be charged $180 and when you return your cores we will promptly refund $80 for the cores, making the prepressed bushings only $100. If you have questions about this please call and ask.  We use to not charge the core charge, but thanks to many customers either not returning them or waiting a long time we had to change to this policy, sorry.


Fits 2002-2003 Cooper R50
Fits 2002-2003 Cooper S R53
Fits 2002-2006 Cooper R50
Fits 2002-2006 Cooper S R53
Fits 2005-2006 JCW Hardtop R53
Fits 2005-2008 Cabrio R52
Fits 2005-2008 Cabrio S R52
Fits 2005-2008 JCW Cabrio R52
Shipping Cost $9.00
Price: $78.99

Prepressed option

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Powerflex CAB prepressed for R56+
Powerflex control arm bushings prepressed

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Product rating


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Customer Reviews

Author: John E.
If you've lost that new MINI tight steering feel, then this product might be for you. My steering was feeling a bit "sloppy" and I had a slight vibration running to the steering wheel. These bushing made the steering feel like new.
I would recommend an install by Way, especially if you do not have access to a professional lift.

Author: Ryan N.
Picked these up this past Friday and installed them over the weekend. The Mini feels much tighter now when turning. Way was also quite patient with my seemingly endless questions.

Author: Craig Barron
I installed the pre pressed bushings in my 2004 MCS at 51k miles and it now feels like new again. Steering response is tight and responsive again!!! Thank you Way and Powerflex for such a great product!!!

Author: C.Woods
Installed these in 2007 MCS, because I was hearing and feeling a clunk when I turned into corners. Clunk is gone. Mini seems to wonder less on the road and the wheel almost feels like it did in sport mode pre change. Steering in Sport mode is now even better as well. Definitely money well spent. Think its time for those engine bushings.

Author: Joshua Kaylor
Great Product Great, Fast Shipping.
The car feels much better and handles great!

Author: Josh Hulbert
I put these, pre-pressed, on my '06 MCS at about 70K miles. They cured my steering wheel shake and tire cupping, on top of feeling great. I'm at 102K now and they're holding up very well. Unless you've got a good sized press, get the pre-pressed option and don't look back. Those suckers are in there tight!

Author: John Westermann (redstree@hotmail.com)
After installing these pre-pressed control arm bushings in my 2006 MCS I noticed an immediate improvement in ride and quietness. No more clunking over bumps. No more wandering under braking and over rough pavement.

These went in at about 65 - 70K miles and I am now at 81K and still loving the change. This should be a no-brainer for anyone with worn control arm bushings. Definitely get them pre-pressed. Hugh time saver.
There is no additional NVH, in fact they quieted the banging of the worn bushings and made the whole front end much quieter.

Great service WMW, thanks.



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