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Way Motor Works services both MINI Coopers and BMW's in Atlanta, GA. Way is a factory trained BMW/MINI technician. He was trained at the BMWSTEP factory training facility, and then worked for a dealer for almost 5 yrs. In 2003 Way competed in the MINI AIM contest making him one of the top 20 MINI technicians in the country. Then in 2004 he started Way Motor Works. With his years of experience, you can be confident that anything you want done to your BMW/MINI, whether it's an oil change, performance upgrade, or complete rebuild, will be done right.
SERVICES: oil changes, Inspection 1 or Inspection 2, brakes, fluid flushes, Injection cleaning, A/C system services, Control arm bushing replacement, Strut tower mushrooming repair, Engine Diagnostics, harmonic balancer replacement, supercharger rebuild, turbocharger repair, check engine light repair, Air bag light diagnosis and repair, Coding and programming keys, Programming car options, thermostat replacement, Emission fault repair, clear air bag lights.

COMPUTER PROGRAMMING:  We can program any and all features on both MINIs and BMWs.  This includes the door locks like auto lock/unlock, drive away locks, selective locking, Remote open and closing of windows, one touch sunroof operation, activate alarm, activate rear fog lamps, deactivate seat belt warning gong, convert car from US to CN or CN to US, John Cooper Works software, Disable tire pressure monitoring system, Disable light bulb out indicators,  Change service interval indicator countdown rate
CUSTOM ECU/DME TUNING: Using Dimsport software, Manic Tuning, Mynes Bytetronik, or COBB tuning we can perform complete ECU tuning and custom dyno tuning. Adjustments include raising the RPM limiter, altering throttle response, timing advance, and fuel management. Horsepower and Torque can be gained throughout the RPM band. Our typical gains start about 10hp, 10lbs torque and go up from there. It just depends on what modifications your car has.  We can also do other Tuning including John Cooper Works, and BMW performance tunes.
ENGINE PERFORMANCE: We can install pretty much anything. MINI Supercharger pullies (we've done over 300 MINI pulleys), Crank Pulleys, Cylinder heads, Cams, Cold Air Intakes, Exhausts, Headers, Turbos, Intercoolers, Downpipes, Blow off valves, and anything else you can dream up.
SUSPENSION: We really pride ourselves on our Suspension knowledge and setup abilities. We can install all suspension components such as Springs, Sway bars, Shocks, Coilovers, Camber Plates, and Bushings. Then we can also set it up for you. Anything from adjusting ride height to complete corner weighting to give you max handling gains.
BRAKES: We can do anything from brake pad changes, brake rotor replacement, brake fluid change, ABS DSC ASC traction control system diagnosis, and even complete Big Brake kit installs.
DRIVELINE: Standard clutch replacement all the way up to Lightweight flywheel/performance clutch installs, gear ratio changes, limited slip add-ons. We can also install Quaife Torque biasing and OS Giken differentials. MINI Cooper CVT transmission replacement, CVT automatic to Manual transmission conversion kits.
EXTENDED WARRANTY REPAIR, We honor and can do Extended Warranty claims and repairs.  Easycare, CarMax, CareFree, USAA, and Mercury are a few.

Windshield Glass Repair:  WMW can fix rock chips, nicks, and small cracks in your MINI, BMW, or Fiat windshield.
USED MINI PARTS: We are always parting several wrecked MINI Coopers, so we save you alot of money by getting you a good used MINI part rather than new.

PRE PURCHASE INSPECTION Service:  If your looking at buying a used MINI or BMW bring it by our shop and we'll look it over bumper to bumper and give you an unbias evaluation of the vehicle.  This way you will know what your getting before you purchase it.   We also do this for vehicles on Ebay, or Craigslist. 



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