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Way Motor Works :: Performance :: Pulleys :: ATI Super Damper Crank Pulley R53

ATI Super Damper Crank Pulley R53

ATI Super Damper Crank Pulley R53 
ATI Super Damper MINI Cooper S Crankshaft Pulley.  Lately we have seen several stock Crank Pulleys or Harmonic Balancers on the 02-06 MINI Cooper S R53 fail and come apart. Now there is a new choice rather than the OEM one that failed, and this isn't a lightweight Aluminum pulley that has NO dampening that will wear out your crank bearings. Helping your engine last. ATI Racing designed this 5.5” damper for the Mini Cooper S engines to be the best around. This new design is a direct replacement for the stock OEM Mini Cooper S damper from 2002 through 2006. The heart of this unit is the tried and true “damper within a damper” design that has put ATI ahead of the rest. The outer shell has been machined to allow OEM serpentine belt locations, and includes laser-etched timing marks.
Eliminates torsional crankshaft vibrations
Exceeds SFI 18.1 specs
Laser etched 360° timing marks
Black zinc chromate finished
This damper is slightly lighter than the OEM 05-06, and almost 2lbs lighter than the 02-04 crank pulley, and it will dampen better than stock.
WMW Now offers a 2% Overdrive size.  This will allow you to spin the supercharger slightly faster without giving up the engine damper.  All the other oversized crank pulleys on the market do away with the engine damper.  This can cause extra wear on the bearings or oil pump causing reduced engine life. See detailed picture below of a failed stock pulley. 

Lightweight Hardware Option:
  WMW now offers the ATI Damper with Titanium bolts.  For the real racer this is the ultimate as it will reduce the rotating weight of the pulley, but still be strong to keep it reliable.

WMW recommends replacing the crank bolt anytime it is removed. select it below. Every ATI Damper also includes the black longer bolt with 1/2 washer to install. This way you don't need an installer.


Fits 2002-2003 Cooper S R53
Fits 2002-2006 Cooper S R53
Fits 2005-2006 JCW Hardtop R53
Fits 2005-2008 Cabrio S R52
Fits 2005-2008 JCW Cabrio R52
SKU atidamper1
Shipping Cost $15.00
Price: $343.00

Add new Crank Bolt
Lightweight Hardware
Crank Seal

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MINI ATI Damper with WMW logo


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Product rating



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Customer Reviews

Author: BlimeyCabrio
Clean and straightforward install. Works as advertised. Kudos to Waylen for overnighting one to me in a pinch so I could get Blimey back on the road! Great customer service!

Author: Mr Skurvy
OEM pulley died and chose to go with the permanent fix since we plan on keeping the car. Car runs much smoother then we ever remember it since installing. With the right tools was an easy install.

Author: Lou Serrano
I'm thinking of getting a ATI Super Damper for my 06 Cabrio R-52. I was wondering if this was worth getting?

Author: Larry Gipson
installed the 2% super damper on my JCW, I could feel the differance. Also I am not worried about this flying apart.

Author: tony yeung
Perfect! order on Monday, ship Tue, arrive and install on Thursday. Thank you Way, my R53 is happy to be back on motoring again.

Author: ZippyNH
Car actually idles SMOOTHER!!
Well worth the extra few $ compared to a new failure prone OEM!!

Author: Kevin Stephenson
Purchased for my 08 R52 after my OEM pulley failed at 82k. Works great and the installation instructions were easy to follow and the install wasn't bad. And as an added bonus, it idles so much smoother!! Great suggestion by Way!

Author: CL
After the stocker on my 05 R53 gave out, I bought this one on Way's advice and BOY, WAS HE RIGHT! Install was easy and now the engine is much smoother before, especially at idle. If you're replacing your crank pulley, laying down a little extra cash for the ATI piece is a no-brainer!

Author: ejsmall-Maine
The ATI SuperDamper crank pulley and WMW 15% pulley kit are by far the easiest and biggest bang for the buck mods for an R53 MCS. Be sure to get the right puller tools to get the old pulleys off. The WMW and ATI pulleys go on very easy. Also remember to thank Way for always being available to support you in the process. You dont find that anywhere else!

Author: Eric Nyberg
Just got my black eyed purple S back and she purrs like a kitten. Super quiet! A little expensive but good piece of mind to know it will last. And you can call them, if they dont answer, they will call back. Even if you dont leave a message. I dont know what I would do if this site was not here!

Author: Robert Landry
Get this not OEM. Car is so smooth and runs great.

Author: Christopher Everett
This wound up being a direct replacement and easier to install that I ever could have imagined oh, I would like to thank the owner for calling me and directing me towards this product even if it was around $100 more than the fluid damper.
As well as the super prompt shipping

Author: rjtrout2000
I recently purchased an R53 and immediately consulted Way on a few items that it may need. This ATI Super Damper came highly recommended. The car drives so much smoother and even feels a bit more responsive! For anyone looking to increase the longevity of their R53 while making it a more enjoyable driving experience, this is a must-have!

Author: Justin Gosling (mrjustingosling@gmail.com)
So I previously had an Alta reduced weight crank pulley installed on my r53. However, I had heard after the fact that apparently this could cause damage to my engine over time.
To prevent this, I went ahead and had an ATI super damper installed to replace it and all I have to say is, wow!
The engine runs significantly smoother and it honestly feels like a different car. I had no idea that it would make such a difference but I am definitely a believer and I wish I had just gone with the ATI right away rather than shying away from the price.



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