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Way Motor Works :: Manufacturers :: Plasti Dip

Plasti Dip Plasti Dip is a simple spray on plastic coating. Just like spray paint, but this is plastic in a can. Plasti dip is sprayed on in several coats allowing you to coat almost anything in plastic and change the color of it too. But the super nice thing is that Plasti dip can be removed. You can simply peel it off if you want to remove it or change the color later. Chrome parts and wheels are the most popular parts to get plastidipped. And now Plasti dip has a glossifier to give you a glossy look rather than the flat plastic look. Plasti dip since it is a layer of plastic is also commonly used as a protectant for parts that you want to protect from scratches and chipping. Many people refer to Plasti dip as a removable paint.


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